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How to Build a Better Website

You have a website but it is not bringing in much traffic. You probably need to build yourself a better website. According to a website article, you need to find a balance between what you have to offer and what your potential customers are looking for. Some of the strategies to consider when revamping your website include: making obvious stuff, well obvious (phone numbers, hours, etc. on the front page), giving your customer closure (a popup that says your order is processing), choosing the right color (set up two sites with different colors and see which one has more hits), use Fitt’s law (basically means larger items get more attention so you should make your buttons bigger), having large concise headlines (you want to attract eyeballs so big bold headlines are a must). If you still don’t have a website in the twenty-first century don’t fret! According to another article, it is rather simple to make a website. Some of the elements that you need to focus on include: choosing a platform, picking a domain name, getting hosting, and designing it to look professional.

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